About me

ThomasI’m a Manager in Accenture’s technical department Architecture, Development & Integration with focus on custom development and Oracle software. I have more than 8 years of experience in analysis, design, development and testing of software with a focus on the Oracle software stack.

I spend most of my time working with technical development of Oracle software and has experience with a wide range of Oracle products. I’ve used Oracle E-Business Suite, Oracle database, Oracle BPM, SOA, Glassfish, BEPL, OPA, ADF and Java EE.

On a more infrequent basis I use python, ruby, bash, ksh, perl etc. The list goes on. I like developing with python, and I have experience with a lot of python frameworks a non-exhaustive list includes Django, SQLAlchemy, Flask, Pyramid, PyGTK.

Most of my experience I have with the oracle database working with the data and PL/SQL. Furthermore I have experience with PostgreSQL, typically when working with python. I have altso touched upon MongoDB, OrientDB and Cassandra

I prefer to work on an Unix or Linux backend. I have experience with Solaris 9, 10 and 11, and from a linux perspective I have experience with Ubuntu and RedHat (primarily OpenShift)

I have extensive experience in maintenance of complex systems. For many years been responsible for providing technical analyzes of existing systems both in order to find errors, but also to implement new functionality to the customer. I work very structured and systematic and are good to describe technical problems and talk to non-technical people.

I like to create results and I’m focused on solid deliveries to my customers. I have extensive experience in managing multiple developers work towards a common goal. I take responsibility for the architecture of an application and ensure that all developers provide a solid delivery.

I’m is good at getting people to work together and are good at getting vendors, customers and third-party vendors to work towards a common goal.

Personally I live together with my wife and 3 kids and spend my free time with scouting, home improvements, scifi and fantasy (both litrature and live picture), cycling and this blog.